How do I add a Frame?

When downloading your QR Code, the popup window will show an option to download your QR Code with or without a Frame. To change the current Frame design:

1. Click on Edit Frame.

2. Select from the different styles and colors. You can also edit the text on your Frame. When you’re happy with your design, click on Download QR Code.

Note: By default, QR Codes will download in the .png format. To download in another format, click on All formats located on the bottom left of the popup window.

It is also possible to add Frames to the QR Code on your own using a photo editor. To download all available Frames, click here.

We recommend downloading and saving both the QR Code and Frame under the same file format. It’s possible to have them in different formats but you would need a professional editing software in order to compile them.

Once you have both files downloaded, open the Frame with an image editing software (such as Photoshop, Illustrator or even Microsoft Paint). Then paste the QR Code on top of it, specifically within the center of the Frame.

The last step is to save the QR Code with the Frame as a single image. You can print from there.

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